Plant Pots Direct on Twitter

In the every evolving world of technology people have to be Olympic athletes to keep up with the pace that is being set by the bofins that make a living out of inventing things for the rest of the world.

Plant Pots Direct On TwitterWith all this in mind our speed isn’t what we would like it to be, but we are getting there!

We have finally taken the plunge and join the magical online world that is ‘Twitter’ and we will be ‘Tweeting’ ‘Tweets’ on a regular basis.

The easiest way to connect to our customers is keeping everyone up to date with a ‘Tweet’ form time to time, we intend to use the latest internet revolution to introduce new products, offers and news to all who ‘Follow’ our Twitter account.

If you think information about us (Plant Pots Direct) is something for you, simply navigate to our Twitter page (www.twitter.com/plantpotsdirect) and click ‘Follow’, Please bear in mind that you do have to have a Twitter account also to do this, but you could join be part of it too.

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