New Product Range - Plug Trays

The first of our new products we would like to introduce is our range of  Plug Trays, available in 4 sizes - 84 cells, 104 cells, 240 cells and 360 cells.

84 cell Plug TrayOur new fantastic addition is every serious growers dream, offering the maximum amount of growing in the minimum amount of space, ensuring that seed germination takes place in the best environment before the plug plants are transplanted to a larger home before planting out.

The range we offer comes in 4 different sizes 84 cell Plug Tray (391 plugs per square meter), 104 cell Plug Trays (650 plug plants per square meter), 240 cell Plug Tray (1689 plug plants per square meter) and 360 cell Plug Tray (2534 plug plants per square meter).

All our Plug Trays are made from a heavy weight plastic and if the plug plants are removed carefully the tray can be used season after season.

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