Revised Shipping Charges

After a full review of our postal charges we have now rolled out a dramatic change to how we charge for shipping and more importantly where we ship to.



Shipping ChargesSince the launch of our company we have charged a flat rate shipping charge to all of the United Kingdom, wither this was London, Birmingham, Inverness or Belfast the charge was the same. As the fuel charges increase so do the courier charges and the cost to Plant Pots Direct have increased significantly over the last 12 months.

With this in mind we have reviewed our delivery locations and divided the United Kingdom into 4 key locations (Mainland UK, Northern Ireland, Highlands and IOW/IOM)

Mainland UK is the easiest area to deliver to and this is reflected in the costs, so the shipping charge is a simple flat rate with no weight restrictions.

Northern Ireland, Highlands and Islands are slightly different. We have based all charges on weight so the heavier the order becomes to higher the shipping charge.

Further details can be found here - Delivery Charges

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