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Working with Lawns Park Primary School, Farnley, Leeds

Welcome to our blog!

Jamie Paul, the owner of Plant Pots Direct, is a very keen gardener, has two allotments of his own and works at Lawns Park Primary School two afternoons per week passing on his knowledge and experience to the next generation of gardeners. Our knowledge is no means the finished article, we read books, search the Internet, ask other gardeners all searching for the answer to grow the best potatoes or cabbages, but best of all we love to try!

This year we have decided to tell you the story of our experiments, methods, successes and failures (yes, we all get them). To help us we have enlisted the help of the pupils of the School to explain a few things, giving a view through their eyes, with drawings, photographs, lists and examples.

So sit back and enjoy or ride!

It all starts here

VegetablesWell this is our first blog, Welcome!

We kick the gardening season off after a brief cold spell, the frost has disappeared (for now) and there is no sign of snow for the next couple of weeks, if anything the sun is shining and spring appears to have come a month early.

Where do we start? The garden it self is about 25m x 12m, contains 6 main growing areas, a polytunnel, 2 small beds and a strawberry patch. This is the first really lesson with the children and by the looks of things the weeds has taken over and there is a lot of the 'boring' work to do in between the good stuff.

Looking at what we are planing to grow and when seeds need to be planted we have got a busy few months a head, i just hope we can fit it all in and keep up to the allotment it self, the most frustrating thing about any garden is keeping up to the weeding making sure they don't take over and overshadow what you are trying to achieve.

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