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Working with Lawns Park Primary School, Farnley, Leeds

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Jamie Paul, the owner of Plant Pots Direct, is a very keen gardener, has two allotments of his own and works at Lawns Park Primary School two afternoons per week passing on his knowledge and experience to the next generation of gardeners. Our knowledge is no means the finished article, we read books, search the Internet, ask other gardeners all searching for the answer to grow the best potatoes or cabbages, but best of all we love to try!

This year we have decided to tell you the story of our experiments, methods, successes and failures (yes, we all get them). To help us we have enlisted the help of the pupils of the School to explain a few things, giving a view through their eyes, with drawings, photographs, lists and examples.

So sit back and enjoy or ride!

Strawberry patch clean up

Lawns Park Allotment Strawberry PatchThe Lawns Park Strawberry patch gets a make over

The allotment strawberry patch has been on the site for 2 seasons and it was one of the first projects I worked on with the Children.

The first year was all about getting the plants established and the Strawberry crop was about 30 Strawberries from some 50 plants.

The second season was truly a huge improvement, the warmer weather we experienced last year really helped the strawberries and by mid to late May we were picking Strawberries twice a week for about 5 weeks, the staff at the school were reaping the rewards.

As with every plant the Strawberry needs a little loving care to get the best out of your patch. With the temperature rising the Strawberry plants are showing early signs of kicking into life, with small greener leaves starting to appear at the centre of the crown. The older leaves have crisps over the winter and look dead or dying, the plant needs a little attention to encourage growth for the new growing season.

The Strawberry patch should officially have 60-80 original plants planted in 2 spells at the beginning and the end of the first season, with a tight control we have managed to maintain that level with the exception of a few stray runners. 

The year group tasked with the Strawberry patch this year is Year 2 and the first mission was to tidy up the whole bed in one afternoon. All dead leave are to be removed, all stray runners are to be identified and pulled out and then a general but thorough weeding session is needed to ensure each plant has the best possible chance for the season ahead.


Strawberry Patch BeforeStrawberry Patch Before

Strawberry Patch before all the hard work


Strawberry Patch AfterStrawberry Patch After

Strawberry Patch after 2 hours of hard tidying with 16 year 2 Children - Excellent work welldone Year 2!





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